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Alvin, Brandon, and Jeffrey's Birthday Celebration!


Jeff and I hung out around Pacific Mall area before meeting up with a bunch. As usual at PMall, Jeff and I never forget to get 2 orders of egg snacks because there is no where else that can beat what they can offer at this one specific store at the second level, somewhere close to food court.

Oh, and bubble tea-ed too at the same time!

Supposing I wasn't suppose to have any sweet, spicy, or fried food due to my throat infection I got a couple of days ago. It feels just like whenever there is a needle poking through your throat whenever you swallow. It doesn't feel very pleasant! Oh well

Jeff Liu, Jeff, Kia, myself and some others went for pool right after at Mix 2, while some others went for karaoke instead.


The superg Rita and I!!



Andrew, Rita and I

During dinner time, we headed to Chakos at Hwy7 to celebrate the April boys' birthday: Alvin Brandon and Jeffrey! Some friends arrived later and join us after.. there goes our big group, around 20 people!



Jeff and I picturing together.. look at the catchy Swavoski necklace I was putting on! I just love how it matches the whole outfit!!


Apart of the Miliken people! Andrew, looking as gentleman as usual :)


The lovely lovely chick Rita and second birthday boy Alvin looking as adorable as always haa :D

Jeff's all time favourite Spicy Salmon Sushi he had over three rolls himself on the left and California Roll on the right. The combination of Korean bbq and sushi is something that nobody can resist!!

Piture by Rita F.

The birthday boys each had a sushi stuff with one layer of wasabi. As for Alvin who absolutely cannot take spicy foods, mixed his stuffed sushi with soy sauce before eating it, but ended up spitting out his sushi into his napkins. What a cheater! As for both Brandon and Jeffrey, they bravely took this challenge in front of the video camera. Both of them chewed and swallowed the stuffed sushi as fast as they can, unfortunately the spiciness had already gone up to their nose, then eyes, and they were left with red eyes and tears at the end! Poor birthday boys!!

The boys at Green's section had their bbq like "The Epic Mealtime" way.

Ryan is so mean, he does not want to share!

The following scenes maybe be disturbing to younger children and is subjected to audiences, your digression is advised. Please do not try this at home.

The boys had 10 order of beef at one time. Here is how it looks like before.

The boys, still grilling.. it was been for 20minutes now!


.....and done!

Ryan suggested me to time how long it would take for them to finish these beefs. At first I thought this challenge could be very interesting so I said 5 minutes and I started timing. Oh my goodness these people, you should have seen how they feasted! At the end these boys, Jeff Liu, Ryan, and Kia took 6 minutes to finish up. Not bad though! Clap clap clap*


Letty and Rita looked so adorable!!

Jacky, Rita and I lighted up the candles for the boys.

Check this imitation of vanilla sour cream Subaru Impreza cake out! Notice how the back side of the car is spelling with letters ABJ which stands for Alvin, Brandon, and Jeffrey!


Birthday boys making their birthday wishes.


*Clap clap clap*

Look at how much left overs we got here! Check out how much layers of icing they have in there, wow!!


My boyfriend looking really satisfying here harhar :D Happy Belated baby!

I hope these three boys had the best 18th birthday ever.. planned by the girlfriends, Rita, Emily and myself from the last 30 days ago?





Jeff and I finally get to try out foods together at Asian Legend Restaurant, somewhere around Hwy7 area. The place was absolutely packed the last time we came here so we couldn't get any tables even after a long wait!

I was here two years ago during Sylvia's 19th birthday celebration. I remembered the waiters always treat their customers in first priority, and they kept the same attitude even after the two following years!

J Lee!


Yours truly :)


Jeffrey and I were just comparing the size of our palms.. look at the big differences!


Dish #1: Dim sum stuffed with pork filling! Can't go wrong with this! Those juices drip out down your chin if you bite half way between these tiny dim sum. You just have to eat them at one shot in your mouth!


Dish #2: Singaporean fried noodles with curry powder. This dish gives me a memory of being at home again!


Dish #3: Roasted chicken platter. Great dish for someone like Jeff, since he works out constantly and needs protein to build up muscles!





Food & more!


I was fitting on dresses at Le Chateau few days before today, but the dresses there were in store doesn't feel like prom to me. As time goes by closer and closer to prom, I feel more anxious and worried cos I have nothing to wear!

Jeff and I went for Japanese during the lunch time at Pacific Mall. I used the extra time for prom dresses hunting on the way.

He had his Pork Chop Cutlet with rice on Japanese lunch boxes. This meal looks very appealing!


The happy boy :D


While I  had my Seafood Udon Noodles. It seems like Ive been craving for udon noodles for 10 years!


The fall outfit of the day. Jeff and I looked like some kind of lovely dovey matching couple by coincidentally putting on the same colour clothes on the same day!





1/2 year Anniversary!


Jeff turned the most romantic moment to the most awkward but adorable moment ever! :']

He was putting on for me a purple heart-shaped crystal necklace from Swawoski he got as a 6 months anniversary on my neck, but the crystal was stuck in between my TNA jacket's front zip. I thought either the necklace or the jacket has to go, since he took some time to unlock the necklace again. But I didn't want neither to go because I loved BOTH!

Thank God at the end he managed to fix the mess and he saved both necklace and my jacket. Good job baby!


Jeff hand wrote a card himself and on the right side of the card was a most epic heart-shaped drawing, both hearts were overlapping each other, shaded in red. Oh, this sneaky bastard got roses for me too! I was a happy girl :)


We went for a little window shopping around the mall and we bought some snacks on the way.

You can never go wrong with popcorn from Kernels! We bought 3 bags and I swear, as soon as we upwrapped the bags, we couldn't stop eating! Although we did stop but then again the snacking continues on and on afterwards.. especially when we were in the movie theatre!
We watched Scream 4, but to be honest, this movie is not very recommended. There were too much killing in the scenes, sometimes you can be mistaken if those blood were like splashes of grape juice flowing out from victims body! Scream 4 is mostly about murdering and stabbing individuals, even at some parts you won't be able to understand why they have to kill each other.. or even themselves!

Jeff and I went over to Jack Astors for dinner. The restaurant was really packed that night, so we were seated at the bar section. It feels like there was a bond between us customers because there weren't enough room provided to dine or even to move around at this limited amount of space! It feels very very cozy.. in a good way:)

Jeffrey order his Multigrain Chicken Pasta while I ordered my Classic Burger filled with shredded lettuce, red round onions, mayo sauce, tomatoes and my 1/2 pound meat. It seems girls can be a bigger eater than boys these days eh? Yeah yums :)


The whole day feels extraordinary. In the six months, I have been together with Jeffrey L for 183 days now!

Here's he close up on what he got me - a purple heart-shaped crystal necklace from Swawoski and six rosesfor the 6 six months Jeff and I were together. The white rose in the middle represents how I stand among the crowds :)
You are definately creative, boyfriend. Thank you for everything <3


My gift for him is just a simple box of green tea flavoured (his favourite) mini cupcakes - everything homemade and handmade by me for the first time! I placed all my time and effort in these cupcakes, so he better not complain if I have added too much sugar in each of them. (although I did) Hehee ;}

Happy six months, and more to come!




Jeff's 18th Birthday Surprise!


Katie drove me all the way to Jeff's school after his arrival around the early ten-thirty in the morning. We got our materials all ready for set up to surprise the birthday boy!

I knew the weather would be a little cloudy on that day, but that does not mean that we are not proceeding to what we have planned - about how to decorate and everything. I have to admit that it was a windy day, windy enough to shrink down some of my helium balloons I bought from party packagers.

Katie and I started decorating as soon as Jeff entered his school for his morning classes. I got the memo from his bestf, Jeff Liu, about where he will be parking, so that I could use that extra time decorating instead of looking all around for his car at the huge parking. Thank you very much to the spy!


(Picture by Katie C, as soon as we completed the decoration)
We had to use extra tape for the birthday banner since the weather ain't being a doll!

I knew Jeff would be out for lunch with his friends, so I thought this could be a perfect plan to surprise him as soon as he walks out the school to get his car. After decorating (long enough paste those madly STICKY sticky notes around the windows, door holder and mirrors), Katie parked somewhere far but close enough so that the boys could not see us. It was a good laughter watching Jeff's expression at soon as he sees his car. The wind was strong enough to blow those stickies everywhere, which is good because it adds up the fun of looking at how flicky and colourful his car was from a far.. like how you boys try to ask a girl to prom. Fantastic!


His reaction looks exactly like the above! (Picture taken by Jacky S.)

Jeff called me right away.. I picked up his call yelling, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" But overall, he still had no idea I was watching him from a far. :)


I asked Jeff to meet me up after school at Demetre's. This was the second surprise!

Coincidentally, Jeff has the same birthday as his mom so the Lees will be dining out as a family around the night time. So I thought all the surprises and plans for him are the best that I can do in this such short period of time.

I had him his birthday present accompanied by a card I made for  one whole Saturday..

Domo (inside jokes) on a semi-formal outfit reminds me of how great he looked like as my partner during the semi-formal Christmas Party last December.

I appreciate those who helped out during Jeff's unexpected 18th Birthday surprise and thank you once again!!


--Happy Birthday baby <3




Up Up Here We Go to CN Tower!



A side from The Twin Tower in Malaysia, officially pronounced as second tallest building in the whole world in the year of 2004, I haven't tried going to any other tall buildings in other countries before.


The trip to CN tower has been amazing for the four of us,

Jeff and myself



and Sophia and Andrew.

It was our very first time and no, we will not pee in our pants.


Dayum the tower is getting closer and closer! It doesn't seem as tiny as it looks like from a far anymore!


CN Tower is the tallest, and one of the most attractive places in Canada.


Even these two Canadian born haven't been there before!

Jeff and Andrew have been friends with me since I came to Canadian, which is 3 years ago from volunteering!


& a picture with Sophia of cos! Every shot we took looks preee-ttie!



Double date group photo!



Then we got our tickets on the spot and up up here we go to the observation level!

I wonder what would happen if we walk up the stairs to reach this level! By the way, check out the view! I asked Jeff if I was able to spot my house here, so he said by looking into the telescope, I could maybe spot my house in one dot of a black thing!



Sunny sunny day.



It feels kinda breathtaking looking down from a far. It's like being on a plane!


Self-time #1


Self-timer #2

You know what it is.


Self-timer #4


Self-timer #5


And then we went out to the glass floor view.

I was bravely standing on the glass floor while Jeff chickened out on the side metal bars. What a shame!
It feels kinda scary but amazing looking down at the same time. What it the glass floor breaks?!


I was trying to be a bit showy afterwards. I tapped dance at the glass floor to show Jeff how brave I was, but this from the side little girl yelled and said, "EW, STOP DOING THAT!"


Jeff and I have been going out for  5 months and still counting! Happy anni, love <3


I am proud to say that I am growing fast enough, almost as tall as the CN Tower!


*hides face*

Soph, that's our boyf right there.


And finally, going down the elevator at the same phase/speed. It feels so amazing to be on top of the world!









Our second last souvenir from Press-A-Penny machine!



Argh, I miss CN Tower already!







After our trip to CN Tower, Jeff and I had our midnight snack somewhere around FMP area at around 10:30pm.
We were planning to get something Asian, quick and easy, so we dropped by at Firefly Restaurant!


Cheesing to the camera!


And of course my sugar story.. I realized Jeff snapped quite a lot of photos!


I like how they served their ice tea with sugar on the side, so that way we know our desired amount of sugar we want in our glass. As for my tastebuds the other day, I feel like having something extra sweet!


I ordered spagetthi with beef pasta sause and cheese!

I've been craving for pasta for quite some time because mom haven't been cooking a lot these lately!


Jeff ordered his all time favourite, eggs with luncheon meat.


Simple and satisfying!



Just another day out!



Double dated with Sophia&Andrew to CN tower; my monthly anniversary too of cos!

Stay tune!


Check out my first vlog I made when I was on my way to CN tower!


Maison Du Japan (Japanese Cuisine)


It is definitely not a good start to get sick for a couple of days when the March Break holiday starts. I wasn't feeling conscious at all on day one, but I guess laying down on bed for 20 hours is just another way to fight against my immune system. The next day though, thanks to Jeff L for bringing me out for a delicious treat, in hope that my taste buds will recover faster.

We watched Rango, starring Jonny Depp. It was my first time seeing the movie theatres packed with so many people! This animation movie is simply adorable, and it can be a good recovery for someone who is able to rest her mind, sit back and have a good laugh!

So Jeff and I were planning to get something healthier, and yummy of course.

We head over to Maison Du Japan, an all you can eat sushi location!









Maison Du Japan is located at 7500 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON L3R 1A8, Canada




Shrimp tempura, just like the all time favourite when it is still warm and crispy!

Can't beat eating more of these good things with that special sauce!


Crispy Salmon hand roll!


Breaded fried fishcake topped with spicy salmon and a little bit of salmon fish eggs.


Rainbow maki, Crispy Spicy Salmon maki, Eel, Cucumber and Avocado maki (Jeff's all time fav!) and Artic roll.


I ordered my yummilicious Chicken Udon Noodles..


While Jeff's had his Beef Ramen and my Chicken Teriyaki on the right!


Why is this maki green inside and out? And why are the fish eggs green?

Because it is called the Wizard of Oz maki! Cute right? :]


I love this Tofu Shabu Shabu dish cos it reminds me of how healthy I was being a vegetarian back then hehee.

I had so much of these while it was still hot! It taste exactly like plain tou fu fa without adding any sugar. Pure proteiness!


Futomaki and salmon roll


Yummy yummy in my tummy! mmmm ;]



Build a Bear Workshop!



Are you thinking of what to get your spouse, your friend, or your family a great gift? If you are still considering of getting something cute and simple, try getting a plushie at Build-A-Bear Workshop!


#1. Get a plushie of your choice. It can be a cub, a monkey, ladybug or even a bunny!


#2. Wait for your turn for your toy to be stuffed. Build-A-Bear works for all ages, doesn't matter if you are in your thirties!


#3. Stuff stuff stuff! My cub is gaining some extra pounds! Make a wish on a little hearted-shaped rubber and insert it into your plushie along with the stuffing. It can be a wish for someone you are planning to give the plushie to! The assistant will lead you on your steps so you do not have to worry about what to do first.


#4. Choose your plushie's clothing and dress it up the way you wanted at the dressing section. In my case, I would want my cub to feel homie, so why not something like a shower robe?



#5. Make a birth certificate for your plushie in the computers provided in the store. Give him/her a name!


Each plushie comes in a box, so there is no need to wrap and unwrap your gift!

*JJ likes relaxing in his sauna room to keep his creamy fur puffy, so leave him alone!*


Here you go, your plushie is all done ready to go!

Isn't little JJ adorable?


If you have not get one and consider of getting one, log on to http://www.buildabear.ca/ to look for you latest location!

Build a bear is fun, easy, and quick!




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